Simulated Emergency Response Competitions (SERC) is considered to be unique to Canadians. Canadians believe that a lifesaver not only embodies the physical strength and skill to execute a rescue, but the mentality and mindset to make sound decisions that may contribute to the overall rescue. By training in SERC, it enables lifesavers to practice making rescue decisions in a safe and controlled environment, and hopefully someday will be able to contribute and to save a life. These competitions are geared towards athletes that are 16 years old and above, and must possess a “National Lifeguard” award in Canada.

First Aid

The simulated emergency will consist of multiple victims within a designated competition area. Teams will provide assessments, treatments, scene management, and call for the required assistance within a specified time limit.

Water Rescue

On an acoustic starting signal, teams will lifeguard for the specified time during which they are required to deal with all incidents.

Priority Assessment 

This event tests the initiative, judgment, knowledge and abilities of four lifesavers who, acting as a team –under the direction of a team leader –apply lifesaving skills in a simulated emergency situation unknown to them prior to the start. This competition is judged within a two-minute time limit. Note: This is the only event that is considered to be an international event in SERC.

For more detailed description of team events, please refer to the most updated International Lifesaving Manual at

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