There are four disciplines in lifesaving sport for waterfront / surf.

Surf Swim 

Open water swimming poses a few challenges which include: orientation in the water, adapt to current that influences direction of travel, swimming with varying clarity of water, and adapting to swimming in colder temperatures (unlike regulated pools).

2002 SLSA Titles – Open Men’s Surf Race

Paddle Board

This is a technique used by beach lifeguards in responding to emergencies. The “board” is more buoyant than a surf board and can be used during rescues. Main techniques that are used to travel with the board include paddling on your belly with alternate arms, paddling on your belly with a two-arm pull, and paddling on your knees with a two-arm pull.

Aussies 2007 –Open Women’s Board Race

Beach Running

Beach running is divided into three main sections: 
  • beach run for long distance runners
  • beach sprint for short distance runners
  • beach flags for well-rounded athletic runners with explosive power. 
The uneven and changing ground presents a unique challenge to any type of runner, regardless of their experience.

Aussies 2008 –Open Women’s Beach Flags Final

Aussies 2009 –Open Men’s Beach Sprint Final

Surf Ski

A surf ski is similar to a kayak where you would use a paddle and a rudder to turn, however it is designed to be used in surf conditions with tidal waves. Surf skis are designed to cut through waves incoming waves and able to ride a wave heading back to shore. Its long narrow body allows “paddlers” to cut through water at high speeds.

Aussies 2009 –Men’s Single Ski Final

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