Posted by : RVLC June 24, 2013

We are hosting a Cupcakes-O-gram as an initiative to fundraise for the development of the club. The purpose of the club is to engage youths and community in lifesaving sport during the summer.  Lifesaving sport focuses on developing water lifesaving skills, such as open water swimming, paddle-boarding, beach running and water rescue abilities of the individual.  

As quoted from the Ontario Lifesaving Society “Lifesaving sport is the only sport whose skills are first learned for humanitarian purposes. Through lifesaving sport, the Lifesaving Society seeks to engage and inspire youth in our drowning prevention mission.

We know how much we all love sweets, and we also hope you would like to support our club in providing a platform for youths to engage in lifesaving sport.
To order, simply fill out an online form at:

All orders can be picked up in person or we can drop it off at a central location if you are at a workplace, school or community center.

Thank you once again for your generous support.  If you have any inquiries about ordering or about RVLC feel free to contact us

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